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The Podcast Macabre

Mar 1, 2021

Time to crack a book open for a round of Lethal Literature as we discuss Clive Barker's "The Last Illusion" (1985) and his film adaptation of it, LORD OF ILLUSIONS (1995).

Feb 22, 2021

Join us for a discussion of some receive movie viewings, video game playing, and a length chat about CRIME SCENES: THE VANISHING AT THE CECIL HOTEL before we head to the drive-in

Feb 8, 2021

We did our Desert Island picks and probably should have recorded with a coconut! Apologies for the technical quality on the back half of this episode as we discuss our personal picks for horror TV series to be stranded with.

Feb 1, 2021

Join us as we discuss our personal picks for the best horror films of 2020 with our top ten lists.

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The Podcast Macabre 2021 Horror Challenge

Jan 25, 2021

Our trio is reunited and taking you to the drive-in again, Fright Fans! This trip's viewing includes UNCLE PECKERHEAD and WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS, both from 2020.