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The Podcast Macabre

May 19, 2023

Join Chris and Joe for a review of a recent addition to Shudder, HUESERA: THE BONE WOMAN.

Spoiler-Free - 7:30
Spoilers - 21:30

May 5, 2023

Time for a "School Sucks!" double feature at the drive-in with FINAL EXAM (1981) and THERE'S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE (2021).

Final Exam:
Non-Spoilers - 5:31
Spoilers - 19:10

There's Someone Inside Your House:
Non-Spoilers - 29:02
Spoiers - 39:10

Apr 28, 2023

Feel like going to a horror film festival? Then join us as we each draft a five film fest from faves of the 2000s.

The Letterboxd List

Apr 21, 2023

Join us for another round of "Streaming Screams" where we provide you with recommendations for viewing across several platforms.

The Letterboxd List

Apr 7, 2023

In this round of Desert Island Picks, we punch the clock and pick a pack of work related horror films to be stranded with. And we even avoided overtime!

The Letterboxd List