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The Podcast Macabre

Dec 1, 2023

Join Joe and Chris as they lay out the criteria for the fourth Podcast Macabre Challenge on Letterboxd.

The Podcast Macabre 2024 Horror Challenge

Nov 17, 2023

X gonna give it to ya? Well, we're each gonna give six of our favorite new watches from the HoopTober X challenge in this episode. Enjoy!

The Letterboxd List

Nov 3, 2023

In this addition of Desert Island Picks, we select horror films that haven't had a sequel but come up with our own ideas for continuing the stories.

The Letterboxd List

Oct 20, 2023

Get To The Drive-In!!! We have an Arnold double feature playing this episode with END OF DAYS (1999) and MAGGIE (2015).

Spoiler-Lite - 17:08
Spoilers - 35:17

Spoiler-Lite - 48:03
Spoilers - 1:06:24

Oct 4, 2023

Our epic journey comes to an end as we close out this year's Summer of Stephen with the second part of our discussion on THE STAND.