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The Podcast Macabre

Apr 29, 2022

In this edition of Lethal Literature, we discuss Dean Koontz's 1983 novel PHANTOMS and the 1998 film adaption. We hear Affleck gave an explosive performance . . .

Apr 22, 2022

In this probing episode we share our individual "Desert Island" picks for alien horror films to be stranded with.

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Apr 15, 2022

"What's you favorite scary movie?" Whatever your answer may be, join us for a discussion of one of our favorite franchises: Wes Craven's SCREAM.

Apr 8, 2022

With this round of Drive-In Double Feature, we give you two films featuring a couple of not-so-stiff dicks in DEAD HEAT (1988) and OFFICER DOWNE (2016).

Spoiler Free-ish - 19:40
Spoiler - 33:50

Spoiler Free-ish - 43:10
Spoiler - 54:46

Apr 1, 2022

Welcome, Fright Fans, to the fourth annual Macabies Award Show! This is the time when we share our picks for winners from the previous year across 13 categories. Enjoy!

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